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Protect yourself from being hacked

Every day we are under threats from the dangers that lurk online. Viruses, phishing, malware, hacking, identity theft, ransomware. Those are just a handful of things that should be of great concern to all businesses. Are you at risk of being a target for cyber criminals?

It’s essential to teach employees to be better prepared to confidently handle cyber security threats, manage information securely, and understand some of the techniques cyber criminals use to hack into your systems.

Protecting against ransomware attacks

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has several resources to help teach people the best ways to stay safe online. Please read their guide, then watch the following video, and finally please do the online safety quiz to ensure you and all the business staff are safer from cyber attacks. Remember, a business online security is only as strong as its weakest link.

Watch this quick video to learn online safety tips

Online Safety Quiz

Test your online knowledge to see how safe you are
Cheeky Monley Marketing online safety quiz
Optional — not required
Optional — not required
Which ways can your computer network be infected by malware? Choose the best answer.
Which of the following are safe online practices. Can select more than one.
What's the best action to take when you get an email with risky attachments? Can select more than one.
Risky attachments include .DOC, .XLS, .PDF, .ZIP, .7Z, and more
Which of the following is the strongest password?
What's the best practice if I get an email that has links to a website that requires logins / passwords?
Select which of these ads / popups are safe to click if you see them on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or other website?