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In this current climate and time of uncertainty, many small business owners are struggling to reach more customers, let alone to keep their business running.

I am no genius and don’t pretend I have all of the answers, however, as a small business specialist and marketing expert, who has been running a boutique marketing agency in Sydney since 2006, I know a thing or two about what to do and what not to do when it comes to growing a business.

My team and I have helped hundreds of small business owners make tens of thousands of additional dollars, by helping them refine their marketing message and advertising strategy so that they can reach more customers in their target market.

In my extensive experience, the businesses that survive in the long term, are run by business owners, who understand that marketing must be made a priority to ensure consistent cashflow and growth in their business.

Because of time constraints, many small business owners are so busy working in their business, they don’t seem to have time to work on their business.

At Cheeky Monkey Marketing, we have developed a proven 3 Step Business Growth System, which is designed to help all kinds of businesses, from accountants to chiropractors, builders to cafe owners, online marketers to lounge manufacturers.

Our system is easy to follow and implement and includes a comprehensive online marketing video tutorial course with full Sydney-based email and phone support including video-conferencing.

We also offer comprehensive services including graphic and digital design, fast turnaround printing, website design and management, as well as Google Ads, SEO and Social Media marketing.

André Moreitz Business Optimiser, Marketing Strategist, Advertsing Agency in Sydney

André Moreitz
Managing Director, Marketing Specialist

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