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“What is the point of having a great looking website…
…if nobody looks at it?”

Have You Noticed?

There are literally millions of websites, digital banner advertising, email newsletters, social media platforms etc. on the internet.

But how do you stand out and get noticed?

Unlike other agencies, who either confuse you with computer jargon or bombard you with information overwhelm, whilst charging you an arm and a leg, we are the exact opposite.

We have a proven, simple, effective 3 Step Process to create a tailor made internet package for you. We establish your needs and then give you various options so you get exactly what will work for your business. We understand that internet presence for your business won’t work, unless there is a workable system in place with support.

Having a successful internet presence is so much more than understanding website design, or having someone build you one. Search Engine Optimisation, Hosting, Maintenance, Social Media Integration, Google Ads, Web and Email Security, are just some of the things we focus on. The fact is, if you’re not set up properly to begin with, not only will your online success be limited. It may cost you time and thousands of dollars to fix a cyber attack, being locked out of your website, wasted online advertising budget and more, down the track.


Cheeky Monkey Marketing has built and managed custom-made websites since 2005.

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Website Design

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We have the experience and ability to deliver a tailor-made solution for your business including (but not limited to):
  • Domain Registration (www.your business name here.com.au)
  • Hosting (Australia based with 7 days a week customer service)
  • Website creation and refurbishment incl. email set-up and ‘do-it-yourself-updates’ training phone and video support.
  • Additional Mini-Websites which are easy to read and navigate on iPad/iPhone/Android and other mobile devices.
  • Social Media Set-Up and integration such as
  • Copywriting all text for your website (if required) to increase SEO and potential client engagement
  • Database Capture and Email Newsletter Marketing Strategies with above industry standard opening rates.
  • Video Production for Web and Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation Services and GOOGLE ADWORDS advice.
Every website we build is tailored to each clients’ ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ with a consistent focus on providing ‘value for money.’ To discuss your requirements and let us show you how your website can actually make you money, rather than being an inactive Koala at the Zoo: